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Ingrid Naiman has 50-60 including, including four others exclusively devoted to cancer.  These are described and linked below. was one of Ingrid’s first sites. It began with about 13 paragraphs, each on a separate page. The material is not the same as in the book Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment. It is less formal and addresses many of the questions people have asked over the years. The forum is archived and no further posting is permitted.

One section of grew and grew and was separated into There is a wealth of information on detoxification and regeneration as well as emotional and spiritual approaches to cancer and its prevention and treatment.

Many posts to subscribers have been archived on and organized into a special section devoted to cancer. Hundreds of other posts can be found on that sites relating to parasite cleansing, mold remediation and treatment, immunity, and much more. is strictly related to herbal products patients may want to try. The entire product line began with re-creations of formulas used historically by cancer specialists. is for practitioners and contains case histories and photographs. An application is required.

Practitioners can also apply for wholesale accounts at


Many experts throughout history have regarded cancer salves and pastes as the most thorough, safe, and efficacious way to treat cancer, especially skin and breast cancers but also cancers of other organs. In this book, Ingrid Naiman meticulously traces the use of such products in ancient India and by Hildegard of Bingen, Native Americans, and modern physicians. She provides detailed instructions for making and using the salves, a fair comparison of the pros and cons, and eight pages of color pictures showing responses to the products. Visit her Cancer Salves site for more information, answers to frequently asked questions, and a checklist for people facing cancer.



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