Ingrid Naiman hosts four other web sites dealing with cancer treatment. The main site is Cancer Salves. It has about 300 pages devoted to internal and external cancer treatments.

Cancer Salves

There are two sites exclusively for practitioners. One is purely informational and contains some case histories and discussions of products. It is called No products are sold on that site.

Those qualifying as practitioners who wish to sell herbs in their practices or stores can open a wholesale account for the Sacred Medicine Sanctuary product line.

Patients and Care Givers

In addition to, there is also a site called Cancer Checklist that has helpful suggestions for those who wish to take a look at factors that might be contributing to stress, toxicity, lack of inspiration, and many other concerns such as diet and emotional health.

Cancer Checklist

There is also a site for herbs that support those with a predisposiition to cancer or who wish to use herbs as either their major or supporting treatment.



Cancer Salves:
A Botanical Approach to Treatment

by Ingrid Naiman





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Ethnobotany and Cancer Plants

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