Hydrastis canadensis

Many of the herbs used historically in cancer treatment were Native American in origin. Of these, goldenseal has been so prized that it has often been extremely expensive or insufficiently available.

The use of goldenseal was taught to early American colonists by Cherokee medicine men and women. It was used in many cancer treatments by such successful physicians as John Pattison whose work is discussed in my book. Pattison began his career using bloodroot and changed to goldenseal because he regarded it as clinically superior. My own experience is that it is less painful and more precise than bloodroot but considerably slower in action.

It is in several of my own formulas: Indigo Drops and Golden Myrrical as well as the base ointment for an enucleating paste (which is only available to practitioners, not because it is dangerous, but because knowledge of the correct use of this product is important so as not to have unrealistic expectations.)

Start planting now! Tyler, age three, began helping plant and harvest two years ago. He is shown holding goldenseal and bloodroot.




For others who want to grow goldenseal, read this book (available from Sacred Medicine Sanctuary) on Planting the Future, edited by Rosemary Gladstar.




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