This site is offered to aid global networking of specialists in biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, plant medicine, and patients seeking natural approaches to their treatment.  Your Contributions to the site are welcome!



To protect health by providing information on important plants that need to be carefully cultivated so as to preserve their availability by:


publishing online interesting ethnobotanical traditions relating to the use of medicinal herbs, especially plants used in the treatment of cancer.

providing material on the natural habitat and growing conditions required by the plants so that environmentalists, cultivators, farmers, and gardeners can contribute to the long-term availability of medicinal plants.

listing sources for seeds and starters needed for the propagation of medicinal plants.

linking to those who are committed to sustainable agricultural and harvesting practices.

discussing practical and ethical issues surrounding botanical medicine making.

offering help connecting with herbal laboratories and practitioners.

networking with ethnobotanists; environmentalists; conservationists; organic, biodynamic, and sustainable agriculturalists; herbal laboratories and pharmacies; medicinal herbalists, researchers, educators, and those seeking to integrate natural medicine in their practices or health regimes.



Hosted by Ingrid Naiman
author of Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment




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